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Our Services

Accounting services

As an accountancy practice we need to be responsive and willing to communicate to our clients in times of need. Working with our highly professional team your business will have access to a range of services tailored to your business. At Moffat and Morton our services are future focused with an eye to strategies that will help your business grow full circle.

We provide a wide range of accounting services to our clients including:

  • Preparation of special purpose and general purpose financial statements
  • Financial modelling and ratio analysis
  • Bookkeeping support and assistance
  • Maintaining asset registers

Taxation consulting

This area of taxation can be challenging for most people. We seek to provide our clients with commercial tax advice that is presented in simple terms in addition to keeping their compliance obligations up to date.

Our services include:

  • Tax return preparation for individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies
  • Restructuring tax advice in respect to acquisitions and disposals including consideration of income tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty.
  • Advise on the appropriate structures to carry on a business having regard to both asset protection and taxation considerations
  • Taxation advice in respect to matrimonial disputes and settlements
  • Fringe benefits tax including salary packaging advice
  • Cross boarder taxation advice for inbound and outbound expatriates
  • Superannuation tax compliance and advisory

Superannuation administration and consulting

With the Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) sector growing at a rapid rate it is important that as advisors we are aware of the latest developments in this area.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of financial statements and income tax returns
  • Superannuation fund tax compliance and advisory
  • Strategic advice including retirement planning
  • Estate planning and advisory

Matrimonial advisory

With divorce rates in Australia increasing, the area of matrimonial advisory has been growing. We work together with solicitors to provide taxation certainty to clients in these emotional times.

Ours services include:

  • Taxation advice regarding financial settlements
  • Establishing new tax structures
  • Estate planning

Due diligence advisory

When clients are looking at either acquiring or disposing of businesses or assets, a certain level of due diligence should be carried out. We work together with clients and their solicitors to ensure that transactions receive the appropriate level of sign off. Our systems, checklists and experience ensure that we ask the right questions and cover all bases.

Succession planning

Succession planning has been a “buzz” word in the accounting and taxation arena for some time now. The level of interest is usually heightened when the government release fresh data regarding the ageing population. The work that we carry out with our clients is always done with one eye on the future and the ultimate goal of managing their business to a timely exit.

We provide advice regarding:

  • Estate planning including working with our client’s solicitors
  • Taxation planning regarding restructuring, disposals, acquisitions or mergers
  • Asset protection advice
  • Superannuation structuring and advisory